What if the Victims were white…

I go back to Harron Monis Man , our wannabe terrorist – The Martin Place Siege –  who succeeded in only exposing himself as a psychopathic misogynist. What does misogyny … Continue Reading →

Who Says Violence Against Women is OK

December 2014 will go down as a day that defined Australians. The Martin Place siege and ensuing events created ongoing debate of when a criminal madman is defined as just … Continue Reading →

Condemned Israeli War Crimes: Exercise in Recycled Manipulation of Language

Many world leaders have recycled the word “condemned” Israeli State action, but that condemnation does not go further to condemn Israeli war crimes. It’s the figurative slap-on-the-wrist approach while Israel … Continue Reading →

Israeli land grab

Isreali Politicians should be treated as war criminals.

The story of the classroom bully The bully beats the group of children into submission, one little measly, malnourished and un-loved child decided to take a stance or bully back … Continue Reading →