What if the Victims were white…

I go back to Harron Monis Man , our wannabe terrorist – The Martin Place Siege –  who succeeded in only exposing himself as a psychopathic misogynist. What does misogyny … Continue Reading →

Who Says Violence Against Women is OK

December 2014 will go down as a day that defined Australians. The Martin Place siege and ensuing events created ongoing debate of when a criminal madman is defined as just … Continue Reading →

Muslim Women Headscarf: Freedom of Expression

Getting the Headscarf Fashion Right Looking at the Muslim women’s headscarf, one has to examine its origins and how it came about. Every culture dresses to suite their weather and … Continue Reading →

Why Women Wear the Muslim Headscarf

There is this fear that all women committing to wearing the Muslim headscarf will tell you they live with. Muslim women that is, specifically Australian Muslim women will tell you … Continue Reading →