Isreali Politicians should be treated as war criminals.

The story of the classroom bully

The bully beats the group of children into submission, one little measly, malnourished and un-loved child decided to take a stance or bully back – for all psychologists will tell you that bullying only begets bullies.

The bully however, uses his well exercised biceps and bully honed skills to beat the measly little bully into a pulp. He uses fists, for his parents have trained him in all manner of boxing and marshal arts. He also, according to the terrified onlooking children, grabbed the chair which the poor bullied child held up to protect himself with and slammed the back of the chair several times into this bloodied mess of a child. The bloodied mess could only swipe ineffectively back as he huddled in a foetal position from the onslaught of kicking feet and fists directly to the face and the abdomen.

The rules of teaching meant that the teacher was unable to physically intervene. Her only allowed course of action is to place herself between the bully and the poor mess on the floor. The poor dazed, bleeding mess on the floor spat a tooth and looked like in need of some serious medical attention. The teacher looked on worriedly but spoke calmly to both children. She listed their mistakes and spoke the old school adage; bullying is unacceptable. This while the bully gave a few more violent swipes to the face of an already dazed and bloodied child.

The teacher, exasperated, was now forced to take both bully and bloodied bullied to the deputy principal’s office.

On the way, the bully again takes a few swipes at the cowering bullied child, who now swipes back in an attempt to recapture some dignity; to no avail as every swipe misses, he managed to fall amd hurt himself further.  The attack goes unmarked by the teacher who is either oblivious to the most recent attack or just plain annoyed by this annoying, simpering, stupidly brave child – who simply won’t learn his place in the world. At the deputy principal’s office both children are told that bullying and counter bullying is a no-no. The civilised world no longer engages in such violent means of assertion of ones powers, nay, the civilised world abhors such actions!

This is the ongoing story of the region and the bullying goes on.

For decades now Israel, supported by all sorts of colonial masters, armed to the hilt, has asserted its dominance on a relatively harmless and easily placated group of indigenous Palestinians. In their early history of Israeli occupation, Israelis used systematic bombing in the market place to frighten and forcibly remove the people from their homes.

Remember, bullying begets bullies.

The Palestine-Israeli struggle has become the unresolved issue, about to turn into a century old struggle. People talk about the forcible removal of indigenous Palestinians since 1947’s Nakba, however there is a history that begins with Belfore’s promise to a highly organised Zionist lobby and the sudden appearance of a “sovereign  Israeli state” in Palestine 1919 post WWI. This history is relatively unknown and unfortunately nowadays is only taught in Arabic history. Any mention of the Zionist lobby to gain control of parts of the Trans Jordan – as it was known then – or define it as the catalysts event that created the ongoing injustices today had almost disappeared from human historical recollection. For a detailed historical recount watch Noam Chomsky’s speech to the UN

Like any bullying scenario, the rest of the class begins a campaign to oust the bully, boycott the miserable thing, perhaps to teach him a lesson. They never speak to the bully anyway, so the boycott is of no use. They refuse to sit next to the bully in class, maybe that will alienate the thug,  but that’s exactly what the bully always wanted, to claim all seats to himself to spread his things.

Israeli land grab

They decide to organise themselves and go to the deputy principle and put in various complaints, which the deputy, who is bored by the whole thing – it is a waste of his valuable time you know – files the complaints anyway and promises to do something about it. The bullied child  returned to class, cowed and a bit sheepish from the humiliating defeat. The class sees this as a return to the statuesque, for behold, the class resident idiot nude photos had been published on Snapchat or Twitter. The inexperienced teacher  and Deputy Principal are way out of their depths now. Besides, its a lot more entertaining than a more serious attempt at boycotting.

We go back to the world classroom and find that A boycott is in place, however a boycott has been in place forever and gathers speed when Israel begins a new onslaught and images of bloodied crying or dead children disturb our cozy existence. We all cry and promise to help, for a week, a few months, then as events die down, we again forget the boycott and any action needed. In fact, like the rest of the classroom, some of us become annoyed, others dismissive and worst of all, apathetic to the plight of the newly bloodied mess.

Here it is again, another onslaught and people are united in some action.

How is it different to the last time, I asked my mum the other day. My mum nodded her head adamant it was different this time. I think she said the same thing last time.

Is it not time that the world united to call on the International Court in the Hague to try these selfsame politicians as Israeli war criminals?

It was almost successful but never finalised against Arial Sharon. Sovereign nations and various intellectual debate float the idea as Israel continues to breach international law and a call to try Israel as criminals of war is mounting. Will it go anywhere, I wounder.


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